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Hungry Penguin Eco

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This stove does it all, it keeps you warm, cooks your dinner, boils your kettle and if you’ve got a boiler model it will heat your water for you as well. It’s ideal for canal boats, studios and homes where you don’t want to be dependant on mains gas and electricity.


Penguin Facts

Cooking on a penguin
All our cooker models have an oven box and top plate. The oven temperature can reach up to 300°C, but it will tick over comfortably at between 140-180°C. You can fit a small saucepan and kettle on the top plate.

Heat Output 4.8KW
Fuel Wood / Smokeless Fuel / Peat
Total Efficiency Upto 86.6%
PM?s (Particulate Matter) 33 mg/m3 - wood
CO (Carbon Monoxide) 0.10% @ 13% 02 - wood
NO (Nitrogen Oxides) 135 mg/m3 - wood
Log Size 27cm
Dimensions W 380mm H 683mm D 355mm
Construction Steel
Colour Options Various Colours
Defra Approved Yes
Eco Design Approved Yes
CE Approved Yes
Warranty up to 7 Year
Flue Dia 125mm
Flue Outlet Top & Rear Exit
Direct Air Supply Option yes
Clearance to Conbustable Material Top 450mm / Sides 500mm / Rear 250mm
Clearance to Non Conbustable Material Top 150mm / Sides 100mm / Rear 50mm
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